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24-7 Restoration Services provides the highest quality water, mold & cleaning services around!


We are fit for all mold removal & mold remediation jobs. All our inspectors are certified & insured for mold inspections, indoor air quality checks, allergen testing and remediation. There may be no warning of a mold problem in your home or business until someone becomes ill. Mold can hide thousands of places, at any time of the year; basements, attics, bathrooms and any other place that shows evidence of moisture, are a few common problem areas. Mold is not always visible. This is why it’s important to have a thorough mold inspection done by professionals.

Mold Remediation & Cleanup:

  • Locate the mold source
  • Remove mold
  • Evaluate affected areas
  • Dispose of contaminated materials
  • Containment setup
  • Property removal
  • Anti-Microbial application
  • Clean all affected areas
  • Apply Sealant
  • Reset Property


Water extraction is the easy part. Having seasoned water removal experts that know the complete process and how best to deal with the entire restoration process is vital. Our water removal experts are certified, licensed and insured. Our company is focused on bringing you the best restoration professionals in the industry.

Water Damage Repairs and Cleaning

Time is of the essence when you are dealing with water damage. House floods cause serious damage to most all building materials, and special home dry out procedures are necessary. The faster you can intervene to remediate the flood damage, the better off you’ll be.

Sewer and Cesspool Back-up

We have a fully trained team to handle any sewer and or cesspool problems. We act quickly and remove the materials. This can be one of the worst situations, as many times, this type of material is toxic & can cause excessive and immediate damage to your home & property if not handled by professionals.

Water & or Sewage Removal

Start the removal immediately along with the extraction of any standing water.


Begin the cleaning process to avoid any chance of mold growth. Remove odors and disinfect.


Remove any property necessary to avoid further damage. Start drying process.


Install dehumidifiers and air movers to start the drying process.

Fire Damage

At 24-7 we understand that disasters can strike at any time & without warning to commercial or residential property. When it does, you need reliable & effective cleanup help fast. Team 24-7 provides immediate on-site comprehensive damage assessment. 

Our experts will accompany you during the restoration process and help you get back to normal ASAP.

The days & weeks following a fire are an emotional time full of uncertainty & disbelief. During this time decisions must be made that affect precious possessions & many people’s largest assets. 24-7 provides a wide variety of services to restore your belongings and home to a pre-loss condition. Methods based on years of experience and formal training include various repair and cleaning options with long-term results & value in mind. The team of professionals will also work with your insurance adjuster to develop the best plan of action to handle your project in the most efficient & effective manner possible. We have a strong background in how claims are handled and work with insurance claims specialists. Most fire damages result in an insurance claim. Typically, insurance policies cover these damages. As part of our services & to better serve your interests, Team 24-7 employs an insurance estimator to analyze your claim & help you understand the language of your policy. This enables us to make your restoration seamless & keep you better informed of what is happening with your claim.

  • Fire Cleanup

    Removal of black soot, smoke, dust extinguisher foam & debris.

  • Restoration & Repairs

    Rebuilding damaged areas and putting your property back together.

  • Odor Removal

    Eliminate fire and smoke odors 100% guaranteed.

  • New Construction & Complete Renovations

Basement & Crawl Spaces

Basement Services

A wet basement can affect your entire home. Whether due to a flood, sewer backup, broken pipes, improper exterior grading, a perpetual leak visible or even worse a hidden one. If not addressed properly, it can lead to multiple issues down the road such as a mold and even structural damage. 

Many times the problem can be solved from the outside first. 

This step, when properly evaluated and completed, often fixes most water issues. Very little, if any, work is done on the inside. Usually only minor repair work is required on the inside.

Step two- If the evaluation provides no exterior solution, we then inspect the interior to locate the source of the problem. Once we locate the source, some of the plans we implement are as follows: we can install an interior drainage system along with a pump and dehumidification system, we can simply patch an obvious crack in the wall; if necessary, we can install a waterproof membrane on all interior concrete/porous surfaces.

Crawl Spaces

Team 24-7 also handles all types of crawl space issues. We will come to your home, inspect the areas of issue and come up with a comprehensive plan. 

We have several options to assure a dry, odor free, crawl space. 

One option is to install a heavy mill plastic barrier with a 3/8 pea gravel base on top. 

Another option entails all the prior steps, however, we finish by installing a concrete floor over the gravel and plastic sub floor; generally, with crawl spaces, we will install a fully self-functioning dehumidification system to alleviate any moisture problems.

Basement Services:

  • Water proofing
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Flooding
  • Odor/Dampness
  • Structural
  • Dehumidification
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Basement Finishing
  • Leaks & Cracks
  • Drainage systems


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Clean Purify Restore

We bring your property back to life

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